Despair Unseen

I have taken your actions,
and held them to heart;
you never should have waved the flag,
letting the race of emotions start.

I do not think you realise,
the full extent of my hurt;
these lessons you have taught me,
I, in the past have learnt.

Did you think I would get over it?
Water, under the bridge it flows;
yet with each rapid that I pass,
more turmoiled the water grows.

Now sit in your own little world,
blind to any consequence, immune;
thine ears now bleeding,
from your sour, yet enchanting tune.

Aware are you not, of how deeply I feel,
rejection turns to hate;
this all happened for a reason,
blame the circumstance on fate.

No right do I have now,
to think of you each day;
but taken by you, was I.
From my path you led me astray.

Once again I get the silver,
after you put the gold in my hand;
filled with utter disappointment,
such feelings you would not understand.

From black to blue,
you turned my sun filled skies;
what made you think that you could play god,
your heaven overflowing with lies.

Look into thine eyes next time we meet,
you will see despair hidden deep inside;
Caused by you, the false hope you gave
and the happiness, that by you I was denied.

(c) Leanne Elliott 2000