Throughout my life,
a mother in thine eyes you have been;
yet never did I really take the time,
to see the woman that inside, dreamed.

Only now I am older,
do I see the person within, shine through;
and now not just a mother I see,
But also the real you.

I do not think I have ever let you know,
How much you mean to me;
without you I would have grown ever so lost,
without you I would not be.

You are a woman that I admire.
So much you give, with opened arms;
always there when I have needed you,
to protect me from life's harms.

My heart, body mind and soul.
I owe everything I am to you;
you have always given me more than I deserve,
life's journey, you have walked me through.

I only hope that in this life,
As proud of me, you will be;
the same pride I have when I call you 'Mum',
the strong, beautiful, loving woman; that gave this life to me.