Big City Business

Today my friend,
was the final straw;
I can no longer stay silent,
I can not stand your shallowness, no more.

An entity unto its own,
this Goliath to big to fall;
But sit by will I not,
soon again I will stand tall.

For years I have witnessed,
too much blatant neglect;
Passing the buck is not hard,
Seemingly blind to all you effect.

But soon your time will come,
for the silence is slowly breaking;
Responsibility you will have to own,
for all that you have taken.

Decisions that you have made,
past and present you must answer for;
Not just to me, but to those you serve,
Justice will hear our call.

(c) Leanne Elliott
(inspired by large corporations/departments and their lack of care for employees, customers and service users).
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