Poor Little Ebony

This picture is all that little Ebony had hanging on the wall in the bedroom that was her prison.

Since this event came to the attention of the public in November 2007; we have remained bewildered at just how this could have happened?

I myself had to stop following the events of the trial; where Ebony's mother and Father were both convicted. But still, I did not stop thinking about Ebony and all that her little soul must have gone through.

When the verdict was handed down by the jury, I could not believe that the father had received a lesser charge; simply because he stated 'it was the mothers responsibility to care for Ebony'. I fail to see how he was not also charged with 'Murder', ignorance is not an excuse!

Even with all the out pour of emotions, opinions and inquiries - the fact remains, little Ebony died an agonising prolonged death at the hands of her mother and father. As for the government and welfare organisations that are put in place to prevent such tragedies, where were they?

As much as I believe that not only the parents should be held accountable but so all other parties that were involved in Ebony's life. Ebony's siblings are now living their own form of self punishment "guilt". DoCS and organisations involved need to be investigated; if not only to show that the amount of red tape, lack of powers given to staff, loop holes in policies and procedures, not to mention major under staffing and lack of funding by the Australian Government, have all played a key factor in Ebony's unnecessary death.

This is one little angel that I never knew - but - will never forget. R.I.P. Ebony xoxox

Poor Little Ebony

Poor little Ebony,
she died all alone;
Filthy mattress for a bed,
four walls, now her home.

The necessities of life,
food and water - none;
Windows boarded up,
Locked away from the sun.
There are not many in this world,
who have lived a life harder;
Murdered by those you trusted,
your own mother, your own father.

Poor little Ebony,
she died all alone;
A child I did not know, nor will,
little Ebony, skin and bone.
Did you ever ask yourself 'why',
Why were you living this misery?
Why had God forsaken you?
Poor little Ebony.
Shocked; we all now ask,
how did this happen? Who is to blame?
The fact is, we all let you down,
Our society, our shame.
(c) Leanne Elliott, 2009

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