Nature, so cruel and yet so enchanting.
To sit and watch the course run,
brings unto me internal peace and tranquility.
Alas the very same course can be found as grotesque and cruel.

Depending upon how one views their surroundings,
deems whether or not it is beautiful or utterly foul.
It is not until you completely understand and appreciate
that such is life, such is nature.

Neither beautiful, nor foul, neither tranquil nor chaotic,
But a course that will continue into eternity;
At times in perfect sequence, at times somewhat imbalanced.
Outlasting the human race? Perhaps not.

When you begin to understand and accept that which is life,
you realise that no matter who you are, what you have;
the big picture revels you to be nothing more than a speckle,
taking your place are millions of speckles each as insignificant as the last.

This realization may indeed bring me inner peace for eternity,
Much like the euphoria that nature brings,
I am almost there - reality closing in fast.
The funny thing is, I have known reality all along, I just chose to ignore it.

(c) Leanne Elliott, 2009

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