Dancing Leaves by PoeticMindset

I look out the window upon cobblestone roads
autumn has conquered with its foliage
children's bodies
hands tossing
feet stomping
rolling in a mass of red, yellow and orange
my childhood, one glimpse upon joy
lost within these children
I drift into my past
I hear the laughter within my mind
I reflect within their happiness
I am a child again
a point in my life
I'm nine years old
standing beneath the raining leaves
arms stretched
body spinning
I dance around playing in innocence
I grow again
I learn again
I see myself as new again
each day is a glimpse
each year is a flash
each point in my life has melted into one
I return to the present
I close the window
and pull down the shade
my past is shut
but the child stays in me

(C) Michael D. Sesling

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