Freya by FreyAsWhimsies

In the dark mass of ocean depth
I search for fine pearls
To adorn your sweet neck.
I tug the hem of silk black night afar
For your magnificent gown
Bejewelled with stars.
Flowers that bloom and smile with mirth
I offer you treasures
From soil and earth.

Heavy red roses, baby breath for your hair
My sweetest little maiden fair.
I conjure elves, fairies and mystical treats
Clap your hands together as they dance at your feet.
Morning dew droplets for your little cup
Lucious fruits and nectar for afternoon sup.
Warm rays of sun to kiss your face
Then balmy dusks for repose and grace.
Sprinkle dream dust as you softly sleep
Till the morning light again you meet.

(C) Jane Fearon.
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