Golden Moments by @justkel

Tickles, giggles, ballet spins

Freckles, speckles, dimpled grins

Tasseled curls and crinkled noses
Dressed up games and model poses

Googled eyes on twisted faces
Dirty socks with untied laces

Sweaty kisses, belly laughs
Overflowing bubble baths

Silly willies- giddy glows
Precious little piggy toes

Running leaps for jumping hugs
Slimy frogs and beetle bugs

Bouncing on a frumpy bed
Laughs and cries of bumping heads

Twirling, whirling, flop and drop
Busy, dizzy, never stop

hide and seek so count to ten
Opps you peeked so try again

Racing tagging, squealing shrills
Rolling down green grassy hills

Fresh plucked flowers, caught off guard
Shhh... don't tell, the neighbor's yard

Songs on swings, kites on strings
Crowns on heads for kings and queens

Cuddles through a thunderstorm
Rainbow awes in perfect form

Wrestling nestling pillow throws
Prancing dancing singing shows

Groovy movies, popcorn floor
Snuggles, snickers, love galore

An amazing sky with glass in hand~
Yes, I'd do it all again.

(C) @justkel
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