If Only by @justkel

If only I painted you Monets of warmth
from the heat of my heart to behold,
We'd frolic the world by a silvery swirl
combing crystalline rays of pure gold.

If only you'd unmask your eyes for to see
the truest of dreams to bestow,
We'd swoon to the tunes by the gleams of the moon
dancing whispered delights none could know.

If only you'd offer a glimpse of your core
from the treasured inhumes of your soul,
Forever we'd savor the blooms of true love
lest we die by our hearts never whole,

If only red tears from the blood of my being
could smite echoes of sadness afloat,
We could swing past the doom of our fate now foreseen
Yet I did... and you saw...
And you won't.

(C) @justkel

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