Just Ask Gran

Frail and grey, barely remembering her own name,
let alone from where she came;
memories now locked up tight
to be taken to another life.

Each day your mind, seems to fade
Taking with it all of your lovely memories; a life time made.
Loved ones doing all that they can,
The kids miss you; we all miss you gran.

Once such a strong 'woman'; in every sense of the word,
so many things you have yet to share, now shall remain unheard.
"If mum says No - just ask Gran", read the sign on your kitchen wall;
the chocolate cake, you used to make - the best chocolate cake of all.

Your big old house that poppy built, a home, time forced you to sell.
A worn brass handle is all that is left, a sanctuary I knew so well.
So very different now life has become, over the years watching you grow old;
But right now at least you are still here; for now - more than memories left to hold.

(C) Leanne Elliott, 2009

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