My Number One Son by Liniloo

From the moment that you were born,
You looked at me all sad and forlorn.
Not knowing what lies ahead,
"This boy has problems", the doctor said.

As I lay on the bed and cried,
I still couldn't help feeling love and pride.
No matter what life had to bring,
I gave you my love, my everything.

You struggled to breathe, to cry aloud,
Your arms all bent that wouldn't unfold.
"Why us?" I cried, full of self pity,
As I looked at your skin all smooth and pretty.

From this day forward our lives would change for ever,
To help you, I promised to endeavour.
The hospital trips got us all down,
The endless prodding and poking you in a gown.

The start of surgery that was to become a way of life,
For you and us it wasn't nice.
Since you were the age of three, this was the start,
Of all the worry and the aching heart.

To see you so distressed when they came for you,
Knowing what they'll put you through.
The tears we cried, the despair we felt,
Thinking of the cruel hand that was dealt.

Over and over this happened to you,
To help you in all that you do.
Now at 16, nearly a man,
Living you life, doing all that you can.

Then suddenly the headaches, the dizzy spells came,
Wondering again, "what's to blame?"
More tests, more visits, more hurdles to come,
When all we want is to turn and run.

I screamed at god, "Let him have fun, let him be wild,
Let him behave just like a child".
Instead of covering him in cotton wool,
telling him not to act the fool.

Then, the phone call that I was dreading,
My heart wanting to leave my being.
I was told it was a problem with his spinal cord,
It was then, from my soul, the tears then poured.

This poor boy has been through enough,
Now he's going to have to be tough.
More surgery is needed to help him again,
To help free him, from the pain.

(C) Liniloo

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