Note From StormSage

Hi all,

I just wanted to do a quick note to say "Hi and Thank You" to all of our Members, Followers, Readers, Subscribers, Officers and Sponsors; as it states on the site - we are much like a community garden and without your support we would not be able to grow and blossom.

We have come so far since launching the old site in April 2009; and having now launched our new look site, including many new features StormSage Central has continued to expand its creative network.

Some great news is that we are starting to attract more sponsors, which ultimately means the regular Contest Creative events will have more great prizes and will start to run monthly as of Contest Creative 5: Inspiration (15.09.09) YAY!!!

Please feel free to submit any of you work to this blog via the "Submit Your Work" form, located on the site; our vision for this blog is for it to become a quick reference, promotional tool for our members to use and our visitors to enjoy.

Again thank you so very much for your support with StormSage Central.  It has been a learning experience for me and I look forward to now learning amoung my peers and friends.


Leanne (aka StormSage)
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