October Featured Artist - Artist Dan Anaka

Artist Dan Anaka
By Storm Sage

When I first read that Dan was a self taught artist (using acrylic and oils) I could barely believe it; particularly after viewing his very distinguished and unique works.

The Art described by Dan as having a "Seductive Honesty" is a true interpretation of his style.  A strong if not primary focus on nudes may well bring with it some criticism; however once you have viewed the many visually congenial works by Artist Dan Anaka you will have a new appreciation for the naked human body and the many ways in which it can be interpreted and exemplified.

Another fundamental part of this Artist’s ingenuity is his dedication and motivation in so far as involving the viewer; making his art interactive and almost personally connected to those lucky enough to view such beauty coming to life before their very eyes. Get to know Dan and his Art (and photography) by clicking the below links.
Dan Anaka's Official Website | Dan Anaka's Fan Page |Dan Anaka's Twitter

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