October Featured Poem - Author Nathan Stewart

by Nathan Stewart

I HAVE LEARNT...Knowledge is power
I HAVE LEARNT...You can have everything, but have nothing
I HAVE LEARNT...You can have nothing, but have everything
I HAVE LEARNT...Sometimes its not about others, its about you

I HAVE LEARNT...Karma is more real then most think
I HAVE LEARNT...You can always rely on Karma or always fear it
I HAVE LEARNT...Everything must have that sacred balance
I HAVE LEARNT...That sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to appreciate life

I HAVE LEARNT...Praying is more about yourself than you THINK
I HAVE LEARNT...That when you hit rock bottom, you feel all is lost
I HAVE LEARNT...That when you feel all is lost, God will carry you
I HAVE LEARNT...That life is tough, but I am tougher

I HAVE LEARNT...Life is what you make it
I HAVE LEARNT...You're in control of your destiny from word "go"
I HAVE LEARNT...Some thing's in this world can't be explained
I HAVE LEARNT...A fighter can never be a good fighter until he knows it himself

I HAVE LEARNT...That life can be Hell, Heaven or in-between
I HAVE LEARNT...Your life is measured by what you make it
I HAVE LEARNT...Greed is the worlds biggest killer
I HAVE LEARNT...Diversity changes our thinking

I HAVE LEARNT...You cant stop the killing
I HAVE LEARNT...It depends on you, if history repeats itself, or rewrites itself
I HAVE LEARNT...You can always depend on Murphy’s Law
I HAVE LEARNT...Nothing is as easy as it looks

I HAVE LEARNT...Everything takes longer than expected
I HAVE LEARNT...And if anything will go wrong ,it will...
I HAVE LEARNT...At the worst possible moment
I HAVE LEARNT...That you cannot choose your battle field, God will do that for you


Written at Age 14.  (Born on the 4.1.1989 - Passed Away on the 3.4.05)

(C) Nathan Stewart

"This poem was submitted by Nathan's mother, Michelle.  I would like to personally thank Michelle for sharing a part of her son with us".  Nathan is a young boy who's life was cut short by circumstances that could have been prevented.  There is currently a petition related to the circumstances and charges/lack of charges of the man directly involved in the death of Nathan Stewart.  Nathan's family and myself would greatly appreciate your support in finding justice for Nathan Stewart.  Click Here To View/Sign the Petition

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