One Sister by FreyAsWhimsies

You were at the beginning,
The very start.
How can you be just a memory,
When you encompassed my heart.
Through a field of wheat under the sun.
Side by side, we leap and run.

Laughing, racing, we are nearly home
In our little world under a blue sky dome.
Our room is small, toys on the floor
Please play dollys, I beg, implore!
I see your face, your straight blonde hair
A smatter of freckles here and there.
I hear your voice, see that smile

let the memory linger awhile.
Put on your sunscreen, time for the beach!
Sandcastles, shells, a rock pool to dangle our feet.
I'll chase you, then you chase me!
Hurry now while I count to three...

The others beckon and wave, its growing late
Far away we see them patiently wait.
We can see the red dust from miles away.
Catching the old school bus today...
We stare out the windows, paddocks rush by
A blurr of banksias, red gravel, open huge sky.

After school we'll trudge home up the farm hill
Kicking stones and stopping at will.
We talk, laugh or mabe fight
We spend each day sharing morning, noon, night.
Soon time traps us, we are no longer small.
You have a job, a boyfriend and we grew tall!

The bond between us is set and true
It is eternal between me and you.
The room is white, machinery churns
Turn back time, I cry, I yearn.
Whispers of love and promises made
The endless wishes you could have stayed.

In my memory the children share
Still togther, without a care.
Through the years I keep you safe,
Where souls meet in a sacred place.
You were at the beginning, the very start.
We exsist togther, in my heart.

(C) Jane Fearon.

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