Time by classicdrm

Yesterday never ended, but it never really began,
Tomorrow's already gone, leaving sooner than it planned.

Time doesnt like it here, she never seems to stay,
She flies around the corner, chasing off another day.

She ages all my loved ones with just a whisper of a breath,
She pushes people closer to the future and their death.

The clocks click away, never changing their tone,
While time laughs bitterly as I face her all alone.

Today is always endless, yet it never lasts for long,
Tomorrow's always a promise, an incomplete love song.

Yesterday is a glimpse of a journey from the past,
Of so many cherished dreams let go of much too fast.

The fight will continue, today's eternal shadows persist,
I struggle for my yesterday and see tomorrow in the mist.

(C) classicdrm

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