Vanished by @justkel

There were days you had laid eyes on her,

when smiles would wade the dawn in crystal springs,
and racing the tail of love's laughter led to
wrestling grounds of passion.

There are times when you had known her,
unclothed blushes- embraced by moonbeams,
spins against chafing winds
to make you grin.
Sliding to
gliding you
to no man dreams...
hands held your face
just for the gaze.

But now her petals wilt
and leaves wither in the frailness
of life's ground,
as warm tears of could-best
blend rainbows to melded brown,
all by your swipe,
now a worm,
of writhing coils.

Her curls tenderly unfurl
she spills a chalice of wounds
to melting pools
of vapors,
brisk steam rushes in
passing skin
one last time.

Kissing two fingers
just to lightly brush your cheek...

Farewell again~
now or then,
just a

(C) @justkel

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