Alive In The Moment by StormSage

Tranquil and secluded sandy beach
paperbark trees lining
her shores
so still and crystal clear.
Looking down to see
the sand between my
cold wet toes;
twitching with an exhilaration
not often felt
amidst the hustle and bustle
of existing; of everyday life.

Material walls, held upright
by metal poles and nylon ropes,
soon erected
where leaf covered sand
meets the thick
somewhat eerie bush setting.
Two huge gum trees
reach for the sky, with their
many twisted branches,
likened to dozens of bark covered tentacles
trying desperately to grasp the heavens.

The postcard sunset
admires at its own reflection
captured within
the liquid mirror below.
Such beauty is
to be admired.
Solid reflections unmask the shadows
of tiny little fins
and tail, busily making their way
to safety
before the exposure of night.
Only to become an evening snack
for the hungry, acrobatic Hawke,
so graceful and efficient;
full bellied and flying away
with what I believe was
a “goodnight” call.

Across the immense
body of brackish water
now silhouetted against
the dimly lit horizon;
mountains jut up
rising from the blackness.
Divulging their presence
ever so subtly.

The mountains too watching
as the Tsunami of fog
second by second, by second
it rolls down the lake -
Obscuring the night time beauty
with a fairy floss
coldness, only warmed
by the smokey campfire.
Dancing in the darkness.

Then like a magician
The opaque fog

Makes the world around me
It is now
in this very moment
that I am “living”;
Not just existing.

(C) Leanne Elliott

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