Contest Creative 6: Voices

Contest Dates
START - 20th October, 2009
END - 15th November, 2009


Creative Writing

Entry Requirements
•Entries can be in both written or visual format. (for more information view our Contest & Submission Standards ).
•To enter you must be a member of StormSage Central. [Join Here] Membership is FREE.
•Min 300 words Max 1500 words.
•Submission has not already been 'formally' published. (? not sure about this criteria)
•Must be your own creation/work.
•Must be a registered member to enter.
•Optional graphic to accompany written submission.
•Maximum 2 entries per member.

Judging Criteria for Entries
As with our previous competition the nominated judges named on our site will all be involved in the judging process. Points will be awarded (0 to 10) for each of the below criteria (maximum total of 30 points). The entry with the most points will be awarded 1st Place:-
•Relevancy to entry with regards to the Topic/Theme.
•Level of Inspiration created by your submission.

In the event of a tie, an extra independant judge will be asked to award points to each of the tied entries. The entry that is awarded the most points in total will then be awarded 1st place. Please note if this occurs, the judging date may be extended.

Competition Rules
•You must be over 15 years old.
•Only Two submissions per entrant will be accepted. Any persons submitting more than two entries will have all entries disqualified.
•You should keep copies of material submitted.
•Your submission must be received prior to midnight on 15th November 2009, GMT. Late entries will not be accepted.
•Attach your entry to a submission email. In your submission email you must included the below statement and with your name underneath to certify that your submission is your own original work. (see box below) Any person(s) found to have submitted work that is not their own will be reported to the appropriate 'copyright' authorities.
•Entries can not be withdrawn once they have been submitted.
•By submitting your work to Contest Creative, you agree that the your submission(s) may be used for presentation in events and site related graphics for example; twitter background, published on our website, promoted via all StormSage Central public mediums (Google, facebook, twitter, helium, enzine, emag and/or live).
•At no time will StormSage Central claim ownership or publishing writes to your work. Our number one rule is "What is yours, is YOURS".
•The judges of Contest Creative may reject submissions if they do not meet the competition criteria outlined.
•By submitting your work and making the below statement in your accompanying email, you as the entrant confirm that the competition rules have been read and understood by you.

Creative Writing - "Voices"
I certify that the attached submission to the Contest Creative 6: Voices IS the result of my personal creativity, has been inspired and created solely by me and that copyrights of others have NOT been infringed. I certify that I have NOT used any work of third parties. I certify that all use of graphics and written material contained within my submission does NOT infringed on the copyrights of others.

ENTRANTS NAME and DATE HERE (If you are a member of Twitter also include your username here: @ )

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