Featured Art by SecretPlanet

Art by SecretPlanet
Article by StormSage

This contrasting image by Australian Artist SecretPlanet, while not as elaborate as many drawn works, stemming from the Renaissance era, this art work initially reminded me of such. The human eye can not help but focus on the “Pan” like creature sitting in an almost passive and yet unnerving manner. Cumbersome horns give him the appearance of being willowy and under nourished, and yet the look on his face does not show any sign of frailty or powerlessness.

In the foreground lays a goat, similarly slender; peculiarly the facial expression on both characters is comparable; giving the viewer an assumption that in some way both ‘animals’ are connected.

Ultimately, the absence of colour sets the characters within to the forefront and given that the character “Pan” is often associated with paganism and the black arts, provides the character with an all too familiar backdrop.

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