Featured Poetry by Angela M Gloria

Written by Angela Manalang Gloria

The arms of darkness, great and silent lover,
Have left her where she lies.
No for this once, beneath an argent cover,
Now that her passion dies,
My city dreams of stars, bright peace above her,
Bright peace upon her eyes.

My city sleeps. It is the witching hour:
Behold, the shadows star;
Upwards to where, an old cathedral tower,
Rising like a prayer
Blossoms the twelve-times blooming midnight flower
Then withers into air…

"Angela M Gloria is one of the most inspiring poets of all time; uniquely original, I discovered Angela's poetry years ago whilst travelling in the Phillies - and I have been an avid fan ever since.  An outstanding poet, whos poetry covers a variety of topics from politics,love, war and dreams; I can not recommend Angela's poetry highly enough". - StormSage

Copyright © Angela Manalang Gloria

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