Observations of Morning Commute IV by PoeticMindset

(turned into a total stream-of-socialmedia-and-life-conscious)

The morning commute
of shared space
with a dash of
don't fucking read over my shoulder asshole
intolerance to the person reading this
yet knowing it's going to be posted later for the world to see anyway
so what bit of difference does it make
but it's my shoulder and you're looking over it
as I frantically mash the screen on the iphone
the recognized faces of another Friday
with half-hearted smiles
hidden behind facial recognition uncertainty
I share space daily with these people
without verbal communication
just slight nods of heads
they read
I read
some of us tune out the surround sound chatter
with our own surround sound clatter
the other conversations persist too loudly at this hour
we sip, read, step forward, slide, twist, jostle
and the shuffle of feet against the grain of the train
some of us choose to observe this rather organized chaos
the unapologetic shoulder bumps
half listening like the CIA to the chatter of someone's life
and so I wonder about this daily commute

Read the entire poem here...
(C) Michael D. Sesling
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