Poetry by Moongoole Blog

Nothing tastes better
Than the petal of a top lip,
Bitten into and bottled;
Nothing lunges like the bottom one,
After been forgotten,
Oft the first one sipped.

Nothing licks like another’s tongue
Longing for the touch of yours
In order to turn itself into a lover’s;
Nothing makes more noise than
The tortoise shell throat it
Tends to swell from when called.

Nothing takes more time to
Distill than the swill from your
Mouth into hers through lips and teeth;
Nothing sieves like the sediment
Extracted from the given drops of
Mouth watered lust pushed back.

Nothing rises and falls like her
Breath, once flush with freshness,
And eventually swept of finesse;
Nothing improves like the loose
Nature of love once caught in
A double wing tipped print.

Nothing sticks like that kiss
Missed for so long and wished
Into existence with its symphonies;
Nothing plays longer or stays
Stronger than the last one made
Before its music soothes.

(C) Ian Goole

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