Be Free to Live the Truth by muffyjo

"This is an Ode for the Sexually Abused~ the Abuse Survivor":

Be Free to Live the Truth

I Awoke Last Night To Write Down & to Speak This Truth ~and You Have Awoken Dear Friend, To Speak the Forgotten Truth of the Horrible Deeds Done Against You...

You Were Groomed by Your Captors to Believe You Were In Their Power & Made To Think You Have Done Wrong, But You Have Done No Wrong.

Many Have Been Silenced So Long That Their Spirits Forgot Who They Are.

For Those Mortally Wounded in Spirit, Let This Day Be Your Day of Resurrection!

Your Strength Shall Be in Your Fighting Spirit and in Your Numbers: For You Are as Numerous as The Petals of the Flowers.

If You are Weak, Let Your Caring Friends Hold You in Their Loving Arms as You Shout Out Your Freedom ~ Whether in Person, or in Alias.

Shout Loudly So The World May Know the Pain You Have Endured in Your Innocence & Forced Participation. Let the World Know the Dark Secrets of Your Perpetrator. To Expose The Wicked Will Save the Innocent, and Free Your Spirit.

No Longer Shall Their Lies and Wicked Deeds Have Power Over You. For You Are Now Free From Their Chains! Your Revenge Shall Be to Expose Their Secretive Hideous Deeds to the World.

No One Can Hide from Their Truth Revealed. Their Punishment Will Rain Down from the Heavens and All Corners of the Earth. The People of the World Shall Stand Up Against Them & You Shall Live Your Life in Freedom~ Freedom From the Chains of Harmful Memories & Freedom to Respectfully Pay Tribute To the Release of Your Painful Past.

(C) Cheryl E Gordon, 11/13/09

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