Book Review: Blanket of White by Larkn0298

Some writing cries out to be accompanied by the howl of the wind, a candle lit room, and a glass of Absinthe. There is nothing quite like sitting down with a good horror story after the right mood is set. Amy Grech’s exquisitely crafted collection of short stories, Blanket of White, is the perfect companion on such a night. These stories haunt. They make the heart beat faster. They leave the reader questioning the innocence of the creaks and bumps of a house settling in the night.

This is the writing of a woman who loves the horror genre. You can tell it flows in her blood. The tale “Raven’s Revenge” is a loving homage to Edgar Allan Poe and his tales of ghosts demanding justice for their untimely demise.

You can feel echoes of Stephen King’s tales of childhood adventures that turn grizzly in “Initiation Day.” “Perishables” questions the lengths one goes to in order to survive like King’s “Survivor Type” did.

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