Book Review: Dead Nobles by Clifford Roberts

Dead Nobles: It is the story of Tam-o'-shanter, a police detective in Lower Manhattan. Tam-o'-shanter's investigative expertise is put to the test when a killer, a regular Jack the Ripper, begins butchering people caught up in the vortex of the city's nightlife. Although faced with stopping him at all cost, Tam, one of the city's finest detectives and known to keep his ear to the ground, would soon find himself searching the bowels of the city, coming up short every time, while rigid bodies, bleeding drops of red, turns up repeatedly, evil sounding a barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world

"Meet one-time contingency P.I. Tam-o’-shanter, nick named Tam, ex-Navy man, ex-husband, and ex-heavyweight fighter, now a powerhouse police detective both deadpan and boyish, the wisecracking ace of reluctant detectives, and a quintessential model of the sons of toil. He’s a gentleman that’s pleasant, not fulsome, tenacious, but not stubborn, the first is an insult, while the second is a compliment."

With the type of character that is confronting, overtly masculine and yet likeable; this book will have you reading the pages with enthusiasm, needing to know what is going to happen next.  The details of bloodshed and torture, while at times disturbingly descriptive only add to the thrill of the chase.

All this being said, the character 'Tam' at times brings a dark humour to a normally  humorousless theme; making this book an extremely enjoyable read.

"After witnessing the frenzied look in the woman’s eyes, Tam then said, “For some unexplained reason, the lunatic that did this believes he has a license to torture and kill his victims. I’ll tell you another thing; this woman is no minx; if I’m not mistaken, she’s a person of substance.”"
'Dead Nobles' has all the ingredients that make up a great crime/murder mystery.  Death, gore, helpless victims, humor, a vicious killer - hell bent on inflicting unspeakable pain and a rugged P.I. who is good at his job.

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