Dancing In The Mist by Charles Dennis

Time seems to shift while our lives progress one eager
step at a time with no control of our path, bounding
forward not knowing, like dancing in the mist.

Moments bursting in no clear direction, random patterns
of what life brings, there is no destination
while dancing in the mist

Meaningless thoughts invade our brains, leading us to
nowhere, nowhere we’ve been, nowhere we
particularly want to go. Clouded, lost
in wonder, like dancing in the mist.

Time is oscillating, never idle, consistently gaining
ground, yet never catching up. A constant in where life
begins never telling where life will end as we’re
dancing in the mist.

Our faces moist and ever flush with adventures life
can bring. Adjusting lives with joy and pain, always
giving, always taking back those lives we live
while we’re dancing in the mist.

We can see, and yet have no control of what comes next.
Life dangles what it will, to keep us in its clutches,
as we’re dancing in the mist.

Let us end this circular pattern with its closed loop, and
no way out, the end will come eventually
in death, while dancing in the mist.

© 2009 Charles Dennis

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