Grunge Memory by PoeticMindset

listening to Nirvana
"All Apologies" unplugged
sift through the
white wires
in that voice I loved
in my teen angst
(ok not much angst)
years and remembering
that day in April of '94
post non-existent angst
and all apologies to
Don McLean
The day the grunge music died
as to me
and so many others
there was
and still is Vedder
and truly no one else
in the grunge scene
though I listened
to others it was
in these two singers
that I wore
out cassettes
listening to that edge
in those voices
against the grain
of our music logic
raw from the gut
meshed with words
not painted
but smeared to ponder
as the mosh pit tightened
and the memories
in a voice
remembered in that day
that the static
across the airwaves
said that he couldn't escape
the drug addiction
the depression
the questions post-mortem
and now I stand
and lean
back to the wall
"chocking on the ashes of a memory"

(C) Michael Sesling
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