Poetry by MoonGoole Blog

Feel like the shiver that shook God's liver and
Told him to get off his fat drunken arse and make
A world for fools to pool in.

Feel like the first soul out of heaven's hanger who's
Been floating around the mansions of the world
Looking for a body to attach itself to.

Feel like the found person who trespassed on the
Surface of the Earth and was asked to stay,
As long as he would love it forever.

Feel like a kid who just fell from his mother's tit,
And landed in the arena of surely must have
Beens, and was handed its key.

Feel like the never was who found the door to the
Ever is and entered it without even knocking
Upon it's ornate surface.

Feel like the last person in the class to be told they
Passed the test and that the net that caught the
Best has irreparably burst.

Feel like the end of the rainbow that sowed its
Worth in the stony ground only for it to be found
By the lowliest man in the queue.

(C) Ian Goole

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