Poetry by Moongoole Blog

The world may turn to hurt me;
To nip and nick
Or peck
And pick me off,
But it will not profit,
For once I’m gone
I will be everywhere:
When it rains I’ll cry,
When it blows I’ll sigh,
When it shines I’ll smile
And come night I’ll lie with you,
And screen your dreams.
When you touch the ground
I’ll reach back,
When you hop
I’ll skip into the space beneath to cushion you,
And when you’re sad
I’ll make a better mood for you
And smooth your path.
And who I am,
My being,
My heart and soul,
My body and mind
Will go beyond the sky
And join the higher universe,
And in communion return to
My beloved forbears.
But I will always,
Be inside you,
In every memory and mention,
Every sense and sentence,
Every atom of my character,
Every second of my attendance
Has been, and always will be, yours

(C) Ian Goole

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