Thanksgiving by Muffyjo

Thanksgiving ~ A Time For Giving

Thanksgiving Day in America is One Specific Day in the Year, Cherished as a Time for Meeting of Friends and Family Over a Large Feast & Giving Thanks for Our Blessings. It Goes back to the Days of the Early Pilgrims.

Unfortunately, Not All Can Share in the Feast of Thanksgiving. In other parts of the World, Children Cry for a Handful of Rice. Mothers Decide Which of Her Starving Children Needs the Largest Portion to Survive.

Many Have Much To Eat & Bathe in Gluttony~ Throwing the Excess Food into The Trash... and this is a Shame.

What if We in The United States of America, Changed Our Day of Thanksgiving To Reflect a Time of Actual "Giving"! We May Still Enjoy the Time we Come Together as a Family, with a Good Meal, But Then Take the Excess Money We Normally would Spend on a 5 Course Meal, and Give It to Our Favorite Charity, or Needy Neighbor.

Instead of Eating Until We Are As Stuffed as Our Cooked Turkeys, We Could Share Our Good Fortune With Others on that Special Day of Thanksgiving!

If Each One That Is Blessed With Much, Gave a Little to Less Fortunate on this Day of Thanksgiving, What a Blessed Day It would Be!

Here is to Wishing a Glorious Happy Thanksgiving Day to All People on this Wonderful Planet Earth.

In the Spirit of Giving on Thanksgiving,

~ Muffyjo
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