Dan Anaka: The Crush

Artist: Dan Anaka

Type: 'Feather' - 20 X 16 - Acrylic on Canvas

Title: The Crush

This is an interesting painting. I had met her in a local Starbucks, where we had the most wonderful conversation. I was attracted to her immediately, mentally and physically. What really caught my eye, were her eyes and her porcelain skin. She had this wonderful heavy eyelid that reminded me of Vermeer's work. So I had talked her into posing. She posed, and her boyfriend was in the room with her. I felt a tension the entire time and decided to put him in one of the paintings to make the situation feel more comfortable. This was when I was first starting off my career, and they had spent $50 on the painting of each other ... I had completed the painting, but we had some how lost contact. The painting above of her was donated to the children of Africa. I was the only Caucasian who was in the show, creating a lot of attention in more ways than one ... a quiet racism surrounded me . It was for a good cause though, so I didn't mind.

I saw the couple again years later, and her boyfriend was angry with how I ripped them off. I tried to explain what may have happened with our email accounts, how I tried to call, but he wouldn't have it. My muse was very apologetic, and I agreed to paint her again, but refused to have him in it. I've always had a crush on her and really wanted to capture my Vermeer girl as Vermeer would. She was such a kind girl and I'm still waiting to give her that $50 painting that I owe. Everything happens for a reason, and I'm clearly a better painter than what I was. So when she does pose for me again, I'm sure that she will look back and be thankful for the mishap.

(C) Dan Anaka, Refined Artist

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