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Number and Order of Posts
You can edit your book, add/remove comments, and add or remove pictures.

A 20-page softcover
Blog Book is just $14.95
Hardcover only $24.95. And extra pages are only 35 cents
Get a PDF of your Blog Book for only $7.95.

Visit the site HERE

We have decided to share this on the StormSage Central Blog as a Featured Resource. Why does it deserve to be featured I hear you ask?

1. It is so easy to use.
2. Reasonable prices (especially for those not wanting to order bulk quantities).
3. Ability to choose/produce your own cover; or use the generic print styles available.
4. Great for those just starting out in the self publishing world.
5. The ability to produce a postcard style book (and various other styles); great for blogs themed on art or images.
6. Its quick!!

So as you can see it is definitely a resource worth checking out for those interesting in self publishing their blog content. But, little thing that I did notice when have a fiddle around with this site was that, when I attempted to upload only the posts tagged poetry on the StormSage Central Blog (to publish only the poetry posts) the URL would not be accepted; in short, it will only accept the .com URL of your blog. For those blogs that have a continuous theme (i.e. all poetry, haiku, quotes or perhaps painting & photography) this is not an issue.

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