Featured Writer: Chris Twitery Loft

At first Chris's short bio on twitter was all I had to go by. To find out more, I began to scour the site "Twitery"; which contains many at times deep, sometimes funny but mostly just plain awesome compact poetry, or as Chris likes to define it "poetry, via twitter. Written and constructed into 140-character chunks of verse, posted to Twitter and then assembled into poetry – or twitery - a new form of digital media – twiterature".

"Day ends abruptly / gray clouds cover sinking sun / and darkness arrives"

Straight away the sheer, simple black and white design of the site stood out; giving a sense of organisation and oddly should I say cleanliness, much like a dust free, all white auditorium, filled with neatly placed out black leather furniture, a random yellow smiley face or blue shaded link providing splashes of colour.

Then after spending quite amount of time reading the many short, sweet and appreciable pieces, I found a little inconspicuous plain black link "About". Okay, so I knew Chris was from Adelaide Australia, but then I also found out that Chris is also a I’m a writer, poet, muso, producer, video maker, father, coffee grinder, dreamer and broken-hearted fool (not sure if his heart is yet mended?).   This alone explained to me the inspiration behind the writer and the words.

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