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In 2007 we decided to bring poetry to the masses and ultimately create a poetic social network!

The above statement aptly describes this exciting new online community.  I first become aware of "PoeticMindset" or should I say, the man behind the online name (Michael) when I first started using twitter in early 2009.  Initially his frank, contemporary and relatable poetry first caught my eye; and after a few conversations quickly discovered that Michael was this awesome new poetic network already in the pipeline.

With the help of some talented like minded people, Lauren LaRusso, Lynn Goldman, Catie Hayes and Meaghan O’Connell  the "Poetic Mindset" slowly became a reality; and I must say was definitely worth the wait. 

Why do I recommend "Poetic Mindset"?  The official site was launched on 1st December, 2009 and is already getting 100's of hits a day.  This means your work has a great chance of being discovered by and shared with a global community.  A number of members that are already registered at the site are extremely talented, and offer a great range of thought provoking and inspirational works; from poetry to haiku and more.

Not only can you publish/submit your own poetry, haiku etc to the site, you can also submit your work to the PoeticMindset Enzine for consideration.

All really great reasons to join.  But above all, the dedication of the creator of this wonderful new poetic network, Michael, shows me that this will be an extremely successful site.  After all, those who get to do what they love.... do it well!

Congratulations to Michael and his team at Poetic Mindset.  I personally look forward to sharing the joy of creativity with you.

(C) StormSage
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