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I love a new adventures and I love art.

I was browsing art at an open studio and fell in love with one of
Jennifer Hrabota Lesser's paintings. When it comes to art, I am partial to animals (especially dogs and birds) and water. I came across a painting she did with birds and water. I was instantly drawn towards it. I had to take a print home with me.

I met the artist and chatted with her a bit on how she gets her inspiration for her work. She asked me if I've ever been to the
Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology.

I haven't.

I just stood there shaking my head like I was saying to her, "oh no...I have heard wonderful things but haven't had the time" when in actuality, I had no idea what she was talking about. Comparative what? What are you comparing Zoology to?

I stood there to listen to her talk.

She is inspired by the museum. There is a feeling you get when you see hundreds of stuffed creatures that you have never seen alive with your own eyes. They sit in the museum, stuffed with a number associated with the breed of animal. Rooms and rooms are filled with different creatures from all over the planet. She spoke with a soft tone and seemed very saddened and concerned on how we are unable to see these creatures in their natural habitat. She wanted to take that experience and create something beautiful. I would say that she succeeded.

My love for her work and interest in her inspiration made me want to venture out there to see for myself. I hopped on the T the following day to Harvard square, wandered around in circles for about 45 minutes until I finally found the museum. Along the walking circle tour, I would try to open up my brain on the walk to absorb any math energy that would exude from the campus. No such luck.

I have arrived. I paid the half asleep volunteer my admission and made my way up to the 3rd floor. The museum started off with the evolution of animals until the present day. My favorite room was the mammal room. It was two floors of cases and cases of actual size creatures. As if an entire zoo was packed into a room. It was a sight to see. If you could get past the smell of the "I don't really want to know" stench, it is a little surreal. I stared at some creatures and imagined them coming to life and running away. I was surprised to see how large a wolf is standing next to it. I've always wanted to see a bear on my travels and after standing next to one with its mouth wide, maybe not.

I was allowed to take pictures and even though others were taking pictures, it was a little sad to me. I guess I would like to remember them alive and running around in their natural habitat. It could be because I have only seen one dead body and have never been to a funeral with an open casket. That is all foreign to me.

So, it was a day at the museum to remember. You never know where life will take you. Observe, listen and learn from others. Because I loved Jennifer's art and talked to her, I was able to see something I might have otherwise missed. Her inspiration led to my adventure.

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