Operation Trooplift: Update from Odyssey Books

"Imagine having to leave everything behind you on short notice, including most of your possessions, your friends and your planet!” – Steven Hobbs (p. 160)

Okay, so our troops aren’t leaving the planet, but it’s sure to feel that way at times. They’re a long way from home — far away from their families and friends.

This book is a warm reminder of what’s waiting for them when they return. There are stories to put a smile on their face and photos to give them something familiar to look at while they’re deployed to a world so very different from our own.

When you buy this book you are sending our troops a gift — for every book sold another is sent directly to one of our servicemen and women on deployment overseas. When you buy this book you’re sharing our thoughts and prayers for our troops — you are sending the message they are not forgotten back home and that we look forward to their safe return.

Expected release date is 15 December 2009. Pre-order your copy HERE or visit the Odysseybook website for more information.

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