Pierced To The Soul by Tara Timmers

Motioning to the universe
I awaken to the pain
A movement forward in a life
That was once out of tune
My dreams became real
As I grew beyond the fear
And found myself drifting
In a life so surreal
To the other worlds I flew
Found my soul
And broke through
To a system of emotion
That was raw
And far from the curse
That mere mortals rehearse
When they are hexing our lives
For things they don’t understand
Motioning to the universe
I reflect from my heart
I have found a version of me
That can break the pretend
My mask is gone
I am full in my right
To make a choice to be free
From the confinement in life

I was pierced to the soul
My shadow undone
The mirror reflecting my honor to be a chosen one
I am now above the suffering
Open to the ways
Of people on the verge of awakening
I am grateful for this passage
To a purer form of me
The gift gives me a stance
That brings me to serene
Motioning to the universe
I am no longer on a stage
The truth of justice served
Will always sit as a smile upon my face

(C) Tara Timmers

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