Silent Music by StormSage

An undusted back room
leaves scattered over the
cracked & scuffed
concrete floor

Rusting tin lockers
holding trinkets &
special memories
hidden away

Bags of clothes,
odd shells & stones
randomly placed
upon shelves and window sills

Covered with cobwebs
from tip to toe
laden thick with hollow shells
of the arachnids last meal

Among the disarray &
obscurity, such alluring
unheard music autonomously flows
naturally from the fingertips

Silent lyrics
the world may never hear
hovering freely into
the air that we all breath

Delicately, rough -
honesty not often heard
discernment of a woman
on the old, untuned piano

A voice as unique
as the words that stream
thoughtfully from her
exploited lungs

Her grandeur so consuming
that she selfishly
hoards her wonder
from us all

(C) Leanne Elliott (@StormSage)

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