Update: New Blog for J Lester Studio

"Life in Chiaroscuro"

I decided to leave the Wisdom Path Art blog alone. I wanted a new blog just for my new work, website, and fan page, just like WPA has.
I'll be posting new art here, announcements, and all that fun stuff.

The website is almost ready, and the new fan page has been created.

Links to everything will be posted here, of course.

Now I dont want any of you to go thinking all the other art you love that you've seen me do in 2009 is stopping, or going away. it's NOT! I promise.

I just needed an outlet for my other art, more along the lines of the art I first started my career out with.

It feeds my soul, and in some ways, has a lot less limits to it. It's not for everyone, and certainly isnt the type of art people buy to match thier sofas... it's more conceptual, edgy, even dare I say, sensual.

This work, is primarily for myself, although it has a strong following.

I will most likely offer prints of some of the art you'll see, but the work really isnt about that.

I'm hoping to maybe have a book in the autumn of 2010 containing all new work, and some archive art.
but, it's not concrete yet.

So come along with me on this new journey. I'm pretty happy about it. Welcome to art from the edge of nowhere...  xoxoxo J

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(C) J Swiderski

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