Youthful Dreams by StormSage

I once had a youthful spark,
no dream was out of reach;
that special drive that gets you places,
learning all they could teach.

I once had a youthful ambition,
the hours seemed longer, still strength to spare,
the guts to take on the world;
I had my worries, with not much care.

Even when I never quite fit in
I always found a way;
to get by, move forward, to live -
big plans for my future laid.

I now look back on the time,
that seemingly, so quick passed me by,
I have tried to live without regret,
but, I will admit, sometimes I wonder why…

Why, what if, what might have been,
and where did that youthful spark go?
Life now so routine, predictable, mundane
Bills stacked neatly in a row.

Ambitions are now fleeting,
now not enough hours in the day,
to get my daily chores completed;
Youthful dreams now seem so far away.

(C) Leanne Elliott

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