Earth Child/Celestial Woman

Twiddle Dum & Twiddle Dee
They Have Nothing on Me

One Foot on the Ground
And One in the Sky
I Can Move Quickly
In the Twinkling of an Eye

Backwards is Hard
But I Can Do It
Sideways is Easy
For As A Crab
I Will Get Through It

The Dolphin in Me
Finds the Water Appealing
Joyfully Playing
Sends My Spirit Reeling

Like a Mother to Earth
I Cradle Her in Love
She is My Grounding
As I am Lifted Above

The World is Turning
It Boggles My Mind
How So Many Are Lonely
Where There are So Many to Be Found

Alice in Your Looking Glass
Can You Mindfully See
How the World Is Turning
Inside of Me?

(C) Cheryl E Gordon

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