Enigma of the "Tree Hugger" by Cheryl Gordon

Ancient Tree, as You Rise in Splendor Above Me,
How Can I Thank You for Being Here to House the Birds,
Shade Me from the Elements,
Offer Your Wood in Sacrifice for My Warmth,
Help Me to Live By Supplying me with the Necessary Element of the Air I Breathe?

I will Hold You Near, Grounding Myself through You to Mother Earth,
I Will Listen Closely, Connecting Myself through You,
to the Past You have Endured,

For By Touching You, I Enjoy the Sharing of the Life Force.

It Seems Only Natural, and it Is My Pleasure
to Hug You In Return,
to Thank You for All You Are to Me.

(C) Cheryl E Gordon (aka Muffyjo @ Stormsage Central)

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