Feature: Earthbag Building: The Honey House

Earthbag Building: The Honey House:
by Kaki Hunter and Doni Kiffmeyer

After a hands-on workshop taught by architect Nader Khalili, we returned home inspired to build our first earthbag project. We started with simple, linear, buttressed exterior walls, graduated to serpentine garden walls, progressed to a small dome and are now finishing a larger dome with a vaulted entry way and big sunny arched windows. This last project turned into a casual workshop inviting people to learn 'Flexible Form Rammed Earth,' A term we now use that we feel best describes this construction method.

'Flexible Form Rammed Earth (F.F.R.E.)' is a free-form version of rammed earth construction. Since the bags act as a flexible form, it allows the architectural design of curvaceous, sensual structures. We have the ability to mold, bend, writhe and swoop sculptural forms inspired by nature's artistic freedom, while providing structural integrity. Hence, a whole house from foundation to walls to roof can be built using the 'Flexible Form Rammed Earth' technique.

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Article sourced by: http://www.earthbagbuilding.com/ - Sharing information and promoting earthbag building

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