Five Days by Dann Yetman

On the first day I thought I was doing just fine
but I began to realize something was missing from my life.
I searched and searched but something was always missing.

The second day came and panic began to set in. my words were slurred,
my entire body began to shake. I drove myself insane
searching for something that I would never find.

By the third day, I was lying on the floor trying to find a reason to breathe.
It felt as though my life was over, I saw no reason to believe in anything;
I didn't think that anything better was going to come around.

The fourth day brought a sharping in my emotion, I began to snap from depression.
Hope began to sink in and so I found myself acting selfishly;
I wanted to stay in my depression but you wouldn't let me.

On the final day—the fifth day—I was excited to see your face again,
it felt as though all would be right again. My only regret is,
by the end of the night you were gone and I was left alone.

(C) DannYetman

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