Instant Collaboration Tools for Songwriters by Bluemill Studios

Over that past year or so I've been testing various tools for quickly recording ideas and sharing them with collaborators. As of today, I believe the perfect solution is upon us - if you have an iPhone.

The FiRe app by Audiofile Engineering has reached a point past Beta, in my opinion. The app costs $4.99 and has an impressive list of features as of it's latest version dated 1/5/10. The best feature integration is the isotope DSP. Using isotope you can apply compression and gating while recording, which really helps in live sound situations.

The killer app is the integration with SoundCloud. Each recording saved in your iPhone using the FiRe app can be uploaded to SoundCloud. From there, your collaborators can listen or download. They can even write comments at any given point in the waveform.

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