It Is Cold Now by PoeticMindset

it is cold now
here amid another New England January

the roads tinged salt and sand
their colors collaborating
in ever changing pavement art
snow piles lend an added dimension

thoughts of warmer days
drift in the winds of my mind
from memory to imagination
and back again

they get lost somewhere in between
under the warmth of the greys and reds

it is a Thursday morning
quarter past eight on the Green Line
heading inbound
the slow descent underground

counting the hatless heads
packed side by side on the assembly line of another day

it's quiet though
aside from the folds of newspapers
the click of a heel
the sqeel of train against track

on this morning
I don't even hear music from the person next me
or next to them
I just notice the quiet calm
the closed eyes and bobbing heads
imaginations surely taking thoughts to warmer climates
and even though I am not a beach person
my thoughts drift there as well

as I hear my station over the P.A. system
and stand boot heavy
dipping myself into the Andaman Sea of my mind

Michael D. Sesling -

"my first non haiku poem of 2010 "

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