kiss by Onativia

I was thinking the other day how we walked
on that beach; the one I can't remember the name.
Towards the water we went, because it was there.

And once we reached the edge, I held you
close to me and I was afraid the wind would
blow us away unless I kissed you.

So I did and it was wet and I withdrew, bitterly
because I thought it was what you expected.
Seething pain and outrage that you would expect
such a thing, but your eyes insisted so I did what I was told.

Once you were sufficiently embarrassed, you slapped me for my insolence
and called me names that no goddess would admit to ever doing.
But you did and we stood there on the beach to everyone's lament
looking down on us as if we were the lowest of the low.

(C) Ray Onativia

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