Long Beach Skate Park Opening by Alison Travels

I was asked yesterday by 'We Love Long Beach' to photograph the opening of the Michael K. Green Skate Park. It was a wonderful event! It was great to see all of the kids come together for a great cause in the community.

We Love Long Beach (WLLB) is a non-profit (501c3) community organization founded by Scott and Robin Jones in 2008. As fourth generation residents of the City of Long Beach, the sibling pair started the organization after extending a breakfast invitation to fifty of their neighbors. It was a free breakfast in the park with no other agenda than for neighbors to have the chance to get to know one another.

I've been taking a lot of Long Beach pictures and Scott and Robin reached out to me to photograph their participation in this event. I am so glad they did! I will continue this partnership with them so they can share images with each community in Long Beach with the goal of bringing all communities of the city together.

Read the entire post and view more pics HERE

(C) Alison Travels
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