Majestic Buck by Laura Lawless

The majestic buck walked through a thicket of trees, stepping cautiously over old mossy logs in his path. He was one with the Earth as he listened to the song of crickets all around and admired the beauty of daisies peeking up through the mulch of leaves and pine needles resting on the ground.
Suddenly, he spied a female of his herd sniffing a strange object up ahead. It had not been there yesterday, and through his years of experience, he recognized the block of salt and knew it was not good.

He snorted commandingly at the female, “Get away from there!”

She only pawed the ground rebelliously and lowered her head to lick at the hard substance.

The buck was ready to go to her and force her to leave the block of salt, when the very trees seemed to shudder and cringe in fear as a loud booming sound echoed through the forest. The buck froze as did every other living thing in the forest, watching the female stumble and drop, her life blood spilling onto the forest floor.

Then he was shouting to the others in his herd, “Run! Get out of here!”

And the peace of the woods was disrupted by the sound of them, crashing through trees, running away from the female who gasped her last breath beneath the triumphant gaze of the hunter who shot her.

(C) Laura Lawless

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